Serbian Month

In 2008 the Serbian City Club, the Serbian Council of Great Britain, the Serbian Society and the Serbian City Club came together under the auspices of the Round Table to organise the first Serbian Week in Great Britain. The aim of the week was to showcase the creativity and talent of the British Serbian community and Serbia in the fields of arts, music, entertainment, education and sports. 

What started out as a few events in London and Leeds has grown from year to year to become Serbian Month with an impressive programme of events held in many towns and cities around the Britain.  Every year more and more organisations and individuals contribute to the programme and more cities across Britain become involved. Over the years Serbian Month has taken place in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Reading, Birmingham, Norwich, Halifax, Bedford, Peterborough, Leicester, Coventry, York, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Forest Row, Maidenhead, Leamington Spa, Dorchester, Barrowden, Berkhamsted and Warrington. In 2021 during the pandemic, events were held online, recorded and placed on You Tube, allowing the month to be enjoyed not only by audiences across Britain but also in Serbia and Serbian diaspora communities in other countries.  

Now Serbian Month, which is led by Maya Jordan from the Serbian Council, is viewed as the biggest Serbian festival of its kind in the world and has been supported on a regular basis by the Serbian Government.  This is a significant achievement of the Serbian Diaspora in Britain and proof of what we can achieve when we work together for the good of the community.

In 2018 to celebrate and commemorate the tenth anniversary of Serbian Month a special catalogue was published to accompany the festival. The catalogue included the programme of events, information about Serbian organisations and groups in Britain, British organisations that collaborate with Serbia and successful British Serbian academics, artists and athletes. The catalogue showed the richness and diversity of the Serbian community in Britain and the significant contribution it makes to British society. The catalogue was so well received that it was agreed that it should become a regular feature of Serbian Month. In 2020 the catalogue was expanded to include a section about British Serbs, a history of the Serbian communities in Britain and how they have developed over the years and articles from young British Serbs about growing up in Britain with a Serbian heritage. The 2021 catalogue continued the British Serb theme with sections on Great British Serbs, prominent Serbs who studied in Britain, British friends of Serbia, as well as covering the Serbian community in Ireland and those communities in Britain not covered in the earlier catalogue and more insights from young Serbs in Scotland and England.