The Round Table

The Round Table network was established some years ago to encourage cooperation and collaboration between Serbian community groups and organisations across the UK and Ireland (UK&I) and to provide a forum to discuss issues of interest and importance to the Serbian community. Over the years the main priorities of the Round Table have been the promotion of the teaching and learning of the Serbian language and Serbian Month, now in its fourteenth year and recognised as being one of the most significant festivals of Serbian arts and culture in the Serbian Diaspora. Other issues the Round Table has addressed include: the organisation of an event to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of NATO’s war on Yugoslavia; using the census to help identify the number of Serbs living in the UK; submitting proposals for the use of the proposed Creative Embassy in London; and protesting against the disenfranchisement of Serbian voters in Britain in the elections in Serbia. The Round Table has continued with the practice of electing two people as representatives of the community, but at the moment there is only one representative, Lazar Vuković. During the pandemic the Round Table has continued to meet virtually and this has enabled more people from outside London to participate in meetings. For further information contact the Round Table Steering Group.

Mission Statement

Membership of the Round Table is open to representatives from Serbian groups and organisations in the UK and Ireland as well as individuals who are motivated to contribute to the shared aims of the initiative.

The aims of the Round Table are to:
• Promote good relations between Serbian interest organisations in the UK and Ireland
• Provide a mechanism for co-operation between such organisations (including like- minded individuals) with a view to improving the prospect of achieving shared goals.
• Work towards providing representation of Serbs in the UK and Ireland to institutions in Serbia
• Work towards providing representation of Serbs in the UK and Ireland to other Serbian diaspora groups and organisations
• Work towards providing representation of Serbs to the wider community in the UK and Ireland with a view to promoting a positive image and greater understanding of the Serbia and the Serbian community in the UK and Ireland
• Work towards setting up a democratically elected body, to be known as the ‘Serb Assembly UK and Ireland’

The Round Table Steering Group

Board Members

Dragan Macura

Aleks Simic

Olga Stanojlovic

Dragana Tomasevic

Lazar Vukovic

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Serbian Month

In 2008 the Serbian City Club, the Serbian Council of Great Britain, the Serbian Society and the Serbian City Club came together under the auspices

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